Arco Am/Pm
Dude and Buddy
IN 2000, Jason was a employee of an Am/Pm mini mart in Northern California. His boss had seen the Paradise Surplus commercials and asked him to produce a safety video for the staff. Using Foam and Felt puppets he filmed a 20 min video about the store's safety policy. An article was published about the project in the national ON SITE Magazine.

Puppet Plays It Safe

After eight years as an ARCO site manager with safety record second to none, Michael Vezinaw found a void in safety training and filled it by creating a video starring a set of colorful puppets and his own employees.

"I wanted to make it fun and memorable for them," he says. "Plodding through this HSE (Health, safety, and Environmental) manuals just wasn't working." With a shoestring budget, Vezinaw recruited fellow employee Jason Ropp, who had a small puppet theater business, and together they developed a script.
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