Dracula Re-Vamped

Show Running Time: 40 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 6+)

There are many different ways to find happiness.

Vocabulary Words:
Werewolf, Vampire, Mummy, creatures, happiness.

Education Activities:
Make fake vampire teeth out of bubblegum and candy corn.
Make Zombie teeth out of bubblegum and peanuts.

The Plot:
Dracula's wife gets eaten by King Kong and her head gets donated to Dr. Frankenstein. But the new bride created does not want to marry Frankenstein's Monster, instead she runs off. Dracula, The Mummy, The Creature, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolf Man and others chase after her to try and win her heart.
"All of their shows have a madcap energy that we find hysterical."
~ http://stagbeetlepower.blogspot.com

http://stagbeetlepower.blogspot.com/2012/06/dragon-thea ter-puppets.html
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