I Dig Dinosaurs

Show Running Time: 40 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 3+)

Be yourself. Be Confident

Vocabulary Words:
Archaeologist, paleontologist, dinosaur, excavation, research

Education Activities:
Read books on Dinosaurs. Bury some dinosaur toys and bones in a sand box or mud. Then dig them up, and try cleaning them like a professional paleontologist.

The Plot:
The host; Shawnry Connery, builds a time machine so that he can go back and see dinosaurs. But he keeps traveling to the wrong time and Accidentally takes other historical characters with him. They all end up in the past with the dinosaurs and have to find their way back to their own times!
Library Poster
"Dinosaurs roared, explorers screamed and scrambled and children and grownups alike laughed Saturday at the Athena Public Library for the puppet show “I Dig Dinosaurs."
And that’s just what puppeteer Jason Ropp intended."

~ East Oregonian

"You out do yourself every year.
This is your best show to ever!"

~ Newport Library
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