The Wacky Adventures of Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark map out the great north west with the help of Sacagawea and their many friends. Dangerous lands, grizzly bears, mosquitos and bad fashion were just a few of the benefits in the 1800's!

Show Running Time: 60 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 7+)

Teamwork makes anything possible.

Vocabulary Words:
Corps of Discovery, explore, journals, sextant, coast, Northwest Passage.

Education Activities:
Visit actual Lewis and Clark discovery locations. Study the real story of the Corps of Discovery. Read about the Louisiana Purchase. Pick out the facts and fiction you saw in the puppet show and discuss. Make a map of your home, neighborhood or yard.

The Plot:
President Jefferson makes the largest land purchase in history and sends Lewis and Clark into the great Northwest to map it out! In this hilarious retelling we read between the lines of the history books and bring out this comical version mixing fact with fiction. You'll never know which is which!

Each show ends with a Q and A session where you get the "bear" facts.
Thomas Jefferson
Sacagawea leading the way
A co-production of Dragon Theater
Puppets and Zing productions

Script by Amy Gray and Jason Ropp

Song by Amy Gray and Patrick Short

Music direction and accompaniment:
David LeVesque

Puppets by Ken Renner, Jason Ropp
and Amy Gray

Ken Renner designed and built all of the wooden puppets in the show for his original story "A
dream of Kings", which he performed in the late nineties. He donated the puppets to Dragon
Theater and Zing productions, with his blessing to retrofit them for "Lewis and Clark". Ken is
focusing on running his own non-puppet related business in Oregon City.

Amy Gray is the director of Zing Productions, specializing in laugh-out loud "educomedy"
shows which incorporate classical music, masks, improv and puppets.

Patrick Short is Manager of Comedy Sportz Portland and a song writer
and musician. He is the Short of "the ShortBoule Band", whose political
single 'the Ballad of Davids Nelson' has recently gained national notoriety.

David LeVesque is a well-travelled comedian, juggler, historian and
violinist. He performs solo concerts and shows regularly all over the
planet, and is lauded as 'the Victor Borge of the violin'.
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