Coloring Sheet Downloads:
Little Bugs Big World

Show Running Time: 45 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 5+)

We are all connected and share this world.

Vocabulary Words: Travel, explore,
Hot Air Balloon, Countries.

In this show we teach the kids how to say hello in: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Swahili

Education Activities:
Insect study. Grow a butterfly. Watch a movie in a foreign language. Learn how to count in more than one language. Go to a cultural event! Go to and translate your words or go to and
learn to speak, read and hear new words!

The Plot:
Mr. S, the sneaky spider, wants to catch that little reading bug! A little Lady bug meets a caterpillar and finds out about the big world out there. They travel the world and learn new languages. They visit bugs from all sorts of countries and finds out that it's not such a big world after all. But will they get caught in the webs of deceit by that spider Mr. S? Or will the adventure lead them back home safely? Find out in this thrilling show!

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