Dragon Theater Puppets rebuilt this amazing puppet show to be performed in our own classic rod puppet style.

This award winning show was first performed in Macy's by The Olde World Puppet Theatre with marionettes in San Francisco, California in 1985. Steve Overton's designs and story come back to life with his help and Dragon Theater's new puppets!
The Reindeer and The Dreidel

Show Running Time: 45 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 3+)

Respect Each Others Traditions. Selfishness will never make you happy.

Vocabulary Words:
Christmas, Hanukkah, Menorah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, traditions

Education Activities:
Participate in a cultural tradition. Ask yourself what the Holidays mean to you. Do you have traditions in your family?

The Plot:
The Reindeer and The Dreidel is an enchanting tale about a little girl named Rachael who ison her way to celebrate Hanukkah. Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer collides with her and they begin to teach each other about their holiday traditions. However a greedy inn keeper and his ungrateful daughter just might ruin the holidays by stealing Santa's magic bag from Rachael. With the help of the woodland creatures and the spirit of the forest Rachael will teach him a lesson and save the day!
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