The Reluctant Dragon

Show Running Time: 40 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 3+)

Get to know someone before you judge them.

Vocabulary Words:
Reluctant, timid, cowardly.

Education Activities:
Read "The Reluctant Dragon" Story
book by Kenneth Grahame and
point out the differences in each
version. Tell about what makes you
reluctant. Figure out and discuss
different ways of being brave. Make
puppets out of recycled materials.
Find other dragon stories.

The Plot:
The story is about the cowardly knight Sir Cans-O-Lot, who must prove his knighthood and a dragon that must show the
village that he's nice. With the help of a shepherd boy they have a fake fight to fool the village into thinking that the knight heroically tamed the dragon.
"The Reluctant Dragon is still one of our favorites!" Excellent Production.
~ West Linn Library

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