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The Cover Of The Portland Mercury Jan 17-23 2002. Cover Art. Jason Ropp with Stinge The Troll.
Dragon Theater is the #1 Entertainer in Portland!
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"We saw “Underwater Adventure” at the West Linn Public Library. Dragon Theater Puppets are awesome and this show is particularly cool! They had an aquarium custom built so that they could put the puppets inside!"

This evening, my homeschool group ventured out to see Dragon Theater Puppets in "Home Grown Heroes". Here you can see the evil supervillain the "Bad Idea" (with the ominous lightbulb head) attempting to cast the Rocket Hamster into the Hamster Wheel of Doom, so he can harness the energy to power an evil idea stealing ray gun. In the end, does a heroine come from out of the blue to save the day? YES! So we all have reason to celebrate!
We are big fans of Dragon Theater Puppets.

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