Rocket Hamster's Dreamy Space Odyssey

Show Running Time: 40 min
Appropriate for All ages ( target age range 3+)

If you work hard you can achieve your dreams

Vocabulary Words:
Odyssey, exploration, solar system, constellation, astronaut

Education Activities:
Read a star chart and identify constellations. Write down your dream and plan 3 steps on how to achieve it. With the help of a teacher or parent participate in a model rocket launch.

The Plot:
Rocket Hamster may be small but he dreams big! His dream is to become an astronaut and travel the stars and explore space. But a villan known as "Luna Tick" will try and stop him! Her alien Space bugs steal the moon and try to take over the solar system, and only Rocket Hamster and his team of "Home Grown Heroes" can save the day!
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