Running Time: 45 min

Price: $500

Size: 20' X 20'

Moral: Believe in yourself.

The Plot:
A tiny Japanese wizard's "discombobulated" magic sends him to the outback of Australia where he befriends a charming little girl named Patricia. She has a problem that only Thrump-O-Moto can help with, if only they could go to Japan. A charming story about magic, determination, courage and hope.

Story book by James Clavell. Sponsored by East Metro Arts & Culture Council and the William Hurt Foundation. Endorsed by the James Clavell Estate.

Adapted for puppet stage by Michele Brouse-Peoples and Jason Ropp.
Production lasted from Dec 2002 to Sept 2003. From concept to completion. When building this show we wanted to honor the amazing artwork form the book as well as the incredible story line. The team tried our hardest to keep it true to the book version.

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